Instagram feed. #11

Last week we had perhaps two of the most colorful holidays in the year - Holi and Easter. My instagram feed is full of beautiful flowers, spring healthy recipes, bright streets and all kinds of festive and warm feelings. So let's dive to the fresh color palette and the variety of the life tones.

Instagram Feed. #10

I come back to my blog with the new collection of the Instagram images that inspired me last week. I decided to stop on the "Reflection in the water" theme - from nature and landscape to the modern urban spaces. As always I choose the works both the famous accounts and the unknown names. Hope you will find a visual pleasure here.




Instagram feed. #9

Breathtaking geometry.
It's a music of the form and lines, amazing world of the architecture and buildings which sometimes look like plants or giant insects.
As always I hope you'll like these photographers and their works.

'Bindi' mask

I'd like to share two wonderful news: I have started to create a new series of the night accessories for my shop Ollegoria Lingerie - sleep masks inspired by the traditional Indian adornment. This time it's a bindi.
Beautiful cotton fabric with the satin surface, Swarovski crystals and hand painting help me to make a high quality product perfect both for yourself and for the gift.
But! Now you have a chance to win this mask joining to the instagram loop giveaway from european artists (free shipping worldwide). To enter the contest and read the rules please follow the link below or find me in instagram - @ollegoria. And good luck!

Instagram feed. #8

Road to nowhere.
Last weeks were pretty hard and worrying for me and maybe therefore I wanted to post these photos with the foggy scenery and a bit sad mood. But maybe because the summer is coming to an end who knows))) Anyway these shots (San Francisco Golden Gates, Chicago, mountain landscapes from all over the world, etc) are really great and I hope you'll discover some new inspiring galleries.

Lonely hearts club

We live in really rich information space and every day see many photos and visual projects in instagram, social media, photography blogs. But sometimes you meet the artist and from the first sight know that her art is "yours". An elusive mood, muted colors, a touch of loneliness connect your aesthetic feeling with this refined beauty.
Here are works by Greek amateur photographer Maria Kokkinou (she is foreign language professor). I hope you will also like them.